Valentine’s Day Gluten-Free Gift Giveaway

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**Give-away details at the bottom!**

Many local and national bakeries are adapting to consumer needs and catering to the growing gluten sensitive population. 

I was recently approached by Dancing Deer Baking Co, who decided to try their hand at gluten free baking, to review a new, gluten-free product. Dancing Deer creates all-natural baked goods by using high quality ingredients and omitting any artificial preservatives.

After trying their Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies, I was excited to learn more about the process leading up to the final product.

Master Baker Jennifer Shelley shared, “Amazingly enough, gluten free baking faces completely different challenges than traditional baking.  The lack of binding agents and moisture retention from flour needs to be replaced while maintaining the same texture. It was months of trial and error and tastings to achieve the delicious, moist brownie that our customers expect from Dancing Deer.”

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The Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk BrownieI taste-tested were moist, delicious and jam-packed with chocolate chunks. Definitely a winner for the gluten intolerant chocohollic in your life!

The brownies also kept very well, which surprised me considering there were no artificial preservative used. I would suggest refrigerating or freezing them though if you don’t plan to eat them within a few days! (Then you can spread out that chocolatey goodness.)

You can find this product at one of these stores, or order it online at


The GIVE-AWAY! Dancing Deer is offering one of my Alternative Eating readers a  free Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownie Gift! To enter to win, just comment on this post or comment on my Instagram photo (including @_LoMartinez_ and #DancingDeerCo) answering the question: “What’s your favorite gluten-free treat?”

The Give-away will be open until Wednesday, February 5 and unfortunately is only open to US-based readers.

Dancing Deer is also offering EVERYONE a special 20% off offer using the promo code GOODIE!

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